Improve your lead warmth and brand awareness with our new rich media ads!

Impress more leads with Dynamic Branded remarketing ads!

Not sure what remarketing is or if it's right for you? Read on to see how remarketing can help your business beyond lead generation.

CINC Branded Remarketing is only available to CINC clients. If you are not a current CINC client, find out more here!

Stay in front of your leads

Unlike other forms of advertising, remarketing ads continue to impress your brand on your site visitors long after they've left. Direct mailers go in the trash, but remarketing sticks around.

Be seen more often

Dynamic Branded ads are available in a wider array of sizes, making your campaign eligible for greater and more diverse website placements on both mobile and desktop. This improvement to Branded Remarketing expands the ad sizes used from 3 to 12, giving you increased visibility and relevance.

Stretch your Marketing Budget

Money used on a pay-per-click campaign is spent whether or not a lead actually registers. Remarketing can help preserve that spend and ensure that you're the one they remember to call when they're ready to buy or sell.

Why Does Remarketing Matter?

What's different about rich media ads?

Ads with animation can help draw the eye and bring more attention to your branding and image.

More Sizes, More Placements

Expanding your remarketing campaign with different ad sizes can improve the number of sites you'll be showing up on, increasing your exposure by over 40%.

Interactive Elements

Buttons and highlighted text encourage more clicks and are more noticeable and engaging, conveying a sense of quality and confidence in your business.

In an industry where static image ads become stagnant and easily ignored, rich media ads can serve to help your business stand out while your leads browse sites throughout their day.

Higher CTR

Though not as click-driven as a PPC campaign, rich media ads can increase click-through-rate as much as 38% higher than their static counterparts.

Stand Out From The Crowd

"Almost immediately, I noticed that more leads called me; called me back after I had left a message; or were more receptive when I first got them on the phone. Within a month of starting the banner ads, I got a call from a buyer who we closed on a $4M Cash purchase in 30 days. Coincidence? I'm not going to take that chance."

Karen, a CINC Client

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